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Pilates Teacher Training Courses

Pilates is a system of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the early to mid 20th century. He called his technique "Contrology", but these days it is more frequently called Pilates or The Pilates Method. Joseph used body weight and equipment to exercise. The 'reformer' has become one of the more popular machines used by both Pilates studios and health clubs.

Pilates exercises teach awareness, in particular awareness of the alignment of the skeleton. The exercises have a particular focus on the spine and aid in strengthening the deep postural muscles that support good alignment.

Matwork pilates uses the individual’s own body as the resistance or weight to challenge the body. The mat exercises are designed to be progressed gradually. The technique of each exercise is very specific.

When performed correctly they will improve our posture, restore good alignment and create good movement patterns. The result is to build stability, strength and mobility.

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Course Content:

Fundamental Mat Pilates – 6-Day Course 17th - 22nd June


* Designed specifically for teaching group exercise classes.

* What is Pilates?

* What are the main exercises?

* What are the principles of Pilates and how to use them?

* Improve your own technique.

* Learn the specific technique of each exercise.

* Understand how to create effective classes that work.

* Explore teaching techniques that create powerful connections with participants.

* Gain a deep understanding of Pre- Pilates exercises

Intermediate Mat Pilates - 3-Day Course 24th-26th June


* Explore what makes an exercise Intermediate.

* Learn how to assess your classes and when to introduce progressions.

* Learn the main Pilates Intermediate repertoire.

* Learn how to progress exercises.

* Learn the specific technique of each exercise.

* Understand how to create Intermediate classes that meet a variety of participant needs.

* Develop advanced teaching techniques.

* Develop your own technique.

Pre & Post Pregnancy 3 Day course 28th - 30th June (TBC)

This 3-day course is designed for all fitness instructors.

* Learn how to apply the Fitness & Pilates principles to the pregnant exerciser

* Understand general and Pilates based exercises for the fit and well pregnant woman

* Understand the changes that occur during the childbearing year

* Apply this knowledge to safely program the pregnant client or provide modifications to suit your pregnant class participant

* Prescribe general fitness and Pilates based exercises for the postnatal woman

* Learn about the physiological and psychological changes of pregnancy

Rehabilitation Pilates - 3-Day Course 1st - 3rd July (TBC)


* Apply the Corrective exercise and Pilates principles in a rehabilitation environment - learn all about regression and progression

* Prescribe Pilates and general exercises for common musculoskeletal complaints

* Overview functional movement patterns

* In conjunction with health specialist’s develop/deliver a suitable exercise with a Pilates base program for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions

* Assess the needs of and select appropriate exercises for our clients/classes

* Be able to guide our clients/classes to ensure correct technique and exercise execution.

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Course fees:

9days Fundamental and Intermediate Matwork:

         $2200 (early bird discount: $2000)

3days Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates:

         $500 (early bird discount: $400)

3days Rehabilitation Pilates:

         $500 (early bird discount: $400)

In order to be entitled for the early discount, please register and make full payment by 30th April 2013