Welcome to Jazz Cats


Jazz Cats has been operating in Singapore for over 10 years.  Artistic Director Melissa Erez has 20 years professional teaching experience and is dedicated to sharing her passion for dance, teaching children of all ages across many different genres. 

The emphasis within the school is to enjoy the art of dance and through this gain such positive skills as poise, co-ordination, fitness, musicality, self-discipline and confidence.

Jazz Cats offers classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acrobatics for children of all ages, as well as Pilates for adults.


My aim is to provide students with a solid foundation in technique whilst instilling them with the sense of joy and freedom we experience in the art of dance

- Melissa Erez

About Jazz Cats Singapore

Pilates classes run all year, including outside of term time.  Contact the studio for details.


Pilates teacher training.  Click here for details.